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Stephen Scott Young's ART

by 정소슬 posted Aug 24, 2013


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Stephen Scott Young

Stephen Scott Young.jpg

Born 1957 in Honolulu, Hawaii.




























































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Who's 정소슬


브랜드 : 정소슬
메이커 : 1957년식 울산 産
성능/직업 : 비정규직
취미 : 긁적이기, 똥폼으로 사진 찍기
잡기 : 음치, 몸치, 길치... 등 중증 치과환자

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    Stephen Scott Young (b. 1957 Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American artist best known for his watercolor paintings and etchings that depict everyday life on the east coast of the United States and the Out Islands of The Bahamas. Often painting genre scenes of quotidian life, Young's work is noted for his strikingly realist use of watercolor and eloquent simplicity of subject matter done in the American realist tradition. Young's copperplate etchings evidence a strident attention to detail and intricacy that suggest the influence of Rembrandt and Whistler. Though the images he creates are often nostalgic, his work deals with contemporary issues. Art historian Henry Adams wrote of Young in the late 1980s: "He is like one of those prospectors who has gone back to the tailings of an abandoned mine and where others saw only useless rocks found quantities of untapped, undiscovered gold."[1] He has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and has work in major American museums, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Greenville County Museum of Art, and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.


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impressive Art works, intimate aura's / 선(線)을 물고 자라는 금기의 예술, Aura! 예술의 적(敵)은 타락이 아니라 편견이다.

공지 ART of Aura 정소슬 2011.09.25
공지 Reference site 정소슬 2010.03.13
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