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by 정소슬 posted Mar 17, 2020


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David Inshaw

David Inshaw.jpg

Born 1943 in Wednesfield, Staffordshire, England.























via : https://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.com/2018/04/David-Inshaw.html





Mr David Inshaw


1970, Magpie


1971, The Raven


1971, The room


1972, Landscape on the Salisbury Road


1972-73, The Badminton Game


1973-78, Presentiment


1974, She did not turn


1975, Moon and Alf at Avebury


1976, The Cricket Game


1977, The Orchard


1982-84, The Garden or The Game of Blind Mans Buff


1984, A Dramatic Incident in the Wiltshire Landscape


1984, Wiltshire Landscape


1984-85, Picnic on the Downs


1985, Wiltshire Landscape, Silbury Hill


1985-87, Figures in a Wiltshire Landscape A Moment


1986, Figure in a Wiltshire Landscape Surprised by an Owl_ I


1986, Silbury Hill on a Starry Night


1987-88, Wiltshire Landscape


1988-89, Standing Stone, Avebury, Wiltshire


1989, Portrait of Silbury Hill in May


1992-95, Garden Bonfire and Landscape


1994, Artist and Wife


1994, Chestnut Tree


1994, Cloud study, Rainbow


1994, Hand Holding


1994, The Lighthouse


1994-95, The Rucksack (Anticipation)


1996-98, Storm at West Bay


1996-98, West Bay with Helicopter (Sunburnt Shoulders)


1997-98, Still Point Woodborough Bridge II


1998-2004, Pussy Willow


2003, Buoyant


2004, Swallows


2005, Geoffrey Smith and Victoria Huxley and family


2006, Alison and her Mum


2006, Rosie in Bristol


2008, Ian and Morny Davison


2008, Silbury Hill in the Moonlight


2008, Storm Over Silbury Hill


2008, Women Drinking Champagne


2010, Red Tent


2011, Dancing Couple


2012-13, West Wood


2013, Winter, St Ives


2013, Woman and Earthwork


2014, Coastguard Station, St Ives


2014, Pink House, East Cliff, West Bay, 2014


Patricia's studio


via : https://visualdiplomacyusa.blogspot.com/2018/04/artist-of-day-april-2-david-inshaw.html



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