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by 정소슬 posted Jul 28, 2015


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Patrick Delaunay

Patrick Delaunay.jpg

Rouen, France.


























Patrick Delaunay


THE LAST OF HIS KIND from the Animal series


BERGER ALLEMAND from the Animal series


Fourrures from the Animal series


NUAGE (au bord du monde) from the Animal series


RIDEAU from the Animal series


INNOCENT X (after Velázquez) from the Artist series






Blues master





FIDELIO from the Bull Terrier series


IN FROM THE STORM (Jimi Hendrix) from the rock series


- WINGS 2 (Marilyn Manson) style="font-family: from the rock series


ANGELINA from the Shoe series


PUT ON YOUR RED SHOES AND... from the Shoe series


SUD from the Shoe series


LE TAUREAU A SA CHANCE from the Toro series


TORO III from the Toro series


TORO from the Toro series


JOANNA from the Women series


LUEURVERTIGE from the Women series


FORD MUSTANG 1967VERTIGE from the Cinema series


VERTIGE from the Cinema series


LA ROSITA from the Fleur series


iF U see Kay


Louis from the Jazz series


YOUNG JOSEPHINE from the Josephine Baker series


BULLES from the Marylin series


FUCK LOVE from the Mask series


LE MONSTRE VERT from the Mask series


SAC VUITTONN from the Mask series


Poires III from the Nature morte series


REQUIN TIGRE from the Requin series


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