Justin Alsedek's ART

by 정소슬 posted Sep 05, 2021


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Justin Alsedek

Justin Alsedek.jpg

Born in USA.







 Justin Alsedek


 Justin at work


 2020, Creative Refuge "selfie  mural"


 20020 Creative Refuge "selfie  mural" The making


Discover the Wonder


 An afternoon in the eyes of nature


Blue Hue-Manatee




 I Wear Cause I Care


Moody Blue, a.k.a. Big Bob Macaw


 Peace within the Great Flow


Sun's Embrace


A Horse With No Name


Max and Vivian


Blue horse


Celebrating Summer


Face Wallentry


 Flight of the first flamingo


 Fourth Flight: Stage of Opportunity


Great Conscious Breath


Mood Swings


Neon Sally


Rosie's Day Off


 See Life III


Song of eternal beauty


Turning point


Uncertainty's Rainbow


Unsure Bert


Brother In Me


Is that a Platypus?


Mystery's Intuition


Neon Dreamer


See Life II


via : https://visualdiplomacyusa.blogspot.com/2021/09/artist-of-day-september-2-2021-justin.html



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