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by 정소슬 posted Feb 13, 2021


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Steve Brodner

Steve Brodner.jpg

Born 1954, USA.






 Steve Brodner


 John Kerry Unbound For The National Journal


Hungry Hungry Elephant, Mother Jones

American Illustration 2013


 How Will History Judge the Trump Presidency?

Vanity Fair


Gov. Dumpty for The Nation



The Chronicle of Higher Education


Fredi Gonzlez For Atlanta Magazine


For The Progressive


Chris Christie

Fortune Magazine


 Buffoon Tycoon Baboon for The Nation




Bank of America’s Ken Lewis and his toxic Merrill Lynch dinner for The Atlantic Monthly


Alec Baldwin Murals  for One Night Only


 Sound of Sarah for The New Yorker


Safety Last, for The Nation. Selected by the American Illustration jury


Ryan at Table


 Reservoir Runners for The New Yorker


PRIDE for The Village Voice


Point 45 for The Nation






Obama at the Breach for The Nation


 Mitch’s Inauguration for The Nation


Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko; imagining the Wall St. sequel. for the NY Times


 Koch Brothers, from “Who Wants to Kill the Electric Car This Time?” for the Sierra Club magazine


 Jurassic Year for the Washington Post


Will Smith, His World, and Ours for Newsweek


White Christmas for the L.A. Times


 Unraveling for The Nation


Trump gang


Trump Cabinet


 Trump and Clinton in the Media for the New York Times


 The Trump Ring for the Wall Street Journal


 The Sharpie Image for the L.A. Times


The Pope for The New Republic


 The Illustrated Man


The Court of Donald  for the L.A. Times


152-Parents of 545 migrant children


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