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Kostya Lupamov (Konstantin Lupanov)'s ART

by 정소슬 posted Dec 10, 2013


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Who's 정소슬


브랜드 : 정소슬
메이커 : 1957년식 울산 産
성능/직업 : 비정규직
취미 : 긁적이기, 똥폼으로 사진 찍기
잡기 : 음치, 몸치, 길치... 등 중증 치과환자

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    정소슬 2017.07.05 14:41





    Artist Konstantin Lupanov was born in 1977, in Krasnodar. He studied and successfully graduated from the Academy of the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts (monumental painting). For many years he worked in commercial painting, and then decided to write for the soul.

    So there were pictures of ironic (self-critical) and very serious. However, the artist himself calls his work "a happy irresponsible daub". Constantine writes what he really likes. They are friends and relatives, good acquaintances or pet cat Philip.

    Konstantin Lupanov argues that the simpler the plot, the more natural and truthful the picture becomes. The main thing is internal artistry, which is inherent in every person.






























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impressive Art works, intimate aura's / 선(線)을 물고 자라는 금기의 예술, Aura! 예술의 적(敵)은 타락이 아니라 편견이다.

공지 ART of Aura 정소슬 2011.09.25
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