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Jacko Vassilev's ART

by 정소슬 posted Oct 04, 2020


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Jacko Vassilev

Jacko Vassilev.jpg

Boirn 1951, Bulgarian press photographer.






Mr. Jacko Vassilev


 "The Postman", Bulgaria. 1971


Communist Election, Bulgaria. 1971


Shepherd with the Flock in Golden “S”, Bulgaria. 1977


Gypsy Boy from Vil. Vetrn, Bulgaria. 1983


Grandpa Stoimen, Bulgaria. 1984


 The Newcomer. 1984


 Dancing Bear, Bulgaria. 1985


 Shepherd with a Flock from Village Zmeychar, Bulgaria. 1985


 The Water Girl from the Cooperative, Bulgaria. 1985


 Joy After Homemade Wine, Bulgaria. 1986


 Standing Brothers, Bulgaria. 1986


 Village of Probuda with Accordian, Bulgaria. 1986


 Tears for Her, Bulgaria. 1987


 A Man is a Man when a Man is on the Road, Bulgaria. 1988


 The Era of Communism, Bulgaria. 1988


 The Girl with the Dove, Bulgaria. 1988


 The Yoke, Bulgaria. 1988


Three Generations, Bulgaria. 1988


 Asen with Hoe, Village Yagoda, Bulgaria. 1989


 Cry of Freedom, Bulgaria. 1989


 The Dance of Zlatio Zlatev, Bulgaria. 1989


 Cooperative Women from Village Racovitca, Bulgaria. 1990


 Gypsy Homeless Children, Bulgaria. 1990


 The Family of Todora with their Portrait from 1944, Bulgaria. 1990


 The Kiss of Freedom, Bulgaria. 1990


 Eliesku with Duckling Pet, Village Luous, Romania. 1991


 The Flock. 1991


 Tconka, Mona and Lalcho in front of the Classroom, Bulgaria. 1992


 Gypsies from Village Yagoda with Dancing Bears, Bulgaria. 1993


 The Broken Mirror, Ivana and Peter Kamburovy, Bulgaria. 1993


 Old Man with a Pitch Fork Carrying Bundle Thorn for Fencing his Shepherd House Yard, Delvine, Albania. 1994


 Vladu with a bag with grain which he will put on the horse neck, Romania. 1995


 The Monk Romel from Cherepischki Monastery, Bulgaria. 1986


 Hungry For Love III. 1997



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impressive Art works, intimate aura's / 선(線)을 물고 자라는 금기의 예술, Aura! 예술의 적(敵)은 타락이 아니라 편견이다.

공지 ART of Aura 정소슬 2011.09.25
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