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Victor Juhasz's ART

by 정소슬 posted Mar 20, 2020


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Victor Juhasz

Victor Juhasz.jpg

Born 1954 in Newark, New Jersey. USA.








Radical Republicans


Trump and New Conferderacy


Calhoun Obama




SEVE (Golf Magazine)


And now a few words (Golf Magazine)


Brazil 2016 Olympics (Golf Magazine)


Taking a hit (Golf Magazine)



The debt ceiling (GQ)



Pres Debate Gaffs (GQ)







Lyndon Johnson


Athlete arrest manual (Mens Journal)


NFL Draft (Mens Journal)



Hoover and McCarthy (Nation)


New Librarians (Nation)


GOP (The national)





The GIiulianis (NYO)


Dick n Jane( NYO)


Spitzer Wiener NYC races (NYO)



Odd man out


Presidential anecdotes (OXFORD PRESS)


Presidential wives anecdotes (OXFORD PRESS)




The Tiger Caucus lowres


Bats Cows and Skunks (Readers Digest)


Hog wild (Readers Digest)


Reptile Dysfunction (Readers Digest)


Rick Perry's gospel


Hyenas (Rolling Stone)


Trump so far (Rolling Stone)


Trumpnado Cover (Rolling Stone)


Bannon Mutiny on the Bounty (Rolling Stone)


Death and the Maiden (Rolling Stone)


Death of GOP (Rolling Stone)


Koch Bros, Toxic Empire (Rolling Stone)


Obama Pipeline Limbo (Rolling Stone)


Obama Syria decision (Rolling Stone)


Ratings scam (Rolling Stone)


Romneys House of Cards (Rolling Stone)


The Odd couple (Rolling Stone)


Climate change -Take 2014 (Rolling Stone)


College loan scams (Rolling Stone)


GOP Energy policy (Rolling Stone)


GOP OBIT 2016 (Rolling Stone)


Obamas about face (Rolling Stone)



Dirty Energy Dealer




Roberts Court Appraisal (The Nation)








Putin Trump Bosom Buddies





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브랜드 : 정소슬
메이커 : 1957년식 울산 産
성능/직업 : 비정규직
취미 : 긁적이기, 똥폼으로 사진 찍기
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impressive Art works, intimate aura's / 선(線)을 물고 자라는 금기의 예술, Aura! 예술의 적(敵)은 타락이 아니라 편견이다.

공지 ART of Aura 정소슬 2011.09.25
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